Crazy Fantasy Stats!

Hey Guys,

Putting together another update email for my league and looking for some crazy fantasy football stats anyone has. Thinking stuff like.

  • Chargers WR’s havent been in the endzone since Week 3

  • Fournette is 3rd in all purpose yardage in the league, RB5 in PPR with only 1 TD

  • Guess the current passing yardage leader… Philip Rivers??

Nothing to obscure or ridiculous!!

You can decide if these any of these are crazy enough:

  • NYJ have only 2 rush attempts within the opponents 5 yards which occurred in a single game this season. Whereas NE has 26 rush attempts in the same area of the field spread over 7 games.
  • Matthew Stafford currently leads the league in completed passes of over 20 yards with 41.
  • The Panthers have 7 rushes that have achieved over 20 yards this year. The average yards gained on those plays is 53.9 yards. CMC accounts for 6 of the 7 rush attempts.

Let me know if you need help using this site.


I also just heard that Rodgers has finished outside the top 22 more times, than inside the top 10 this year.

The Ballers mentioned this yesterday but the 91 yard run that Damien Williams had last weeks accounts for almost 10% of his total career rushing yards. Thought that was kinda cool.