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Crazy Keeper Questions


Hey guys! Just bought the UDK for the 1st time and am very excited for it to come out! My question is, coming right after I tell you about the league. It’s a 2 keeper full PPR league. I can keep my players for as long as I want with no penalty and there’s no draft penalty for player rankings. The only rule is no 2 players from the same position. My 1st keeper is Le’Veon Bell. Do I dare keep Evans over AB? My thought is that Big Ben will be retiring soon and Winston is just beginning his career. Please tell me I’m overthinking this!?!?


I think that you’ve put yourself in a very good situation as no matter who you choose between the two WRs will be good long term fantasy options. I would personally keep Evans because of as you said, the quarterback situation. Big Ben mulling retirement this offseason is just an indication that we don’t know how long he has left. I would also probably shy away from keeping two players from the same team but that’s just personal preference. To conclude, you can’t go wrong with either of them and I know a lot of people will tell you to keep Brown because of the talent but there’s no denying that Evans has proven capable of being a top 5 WR in this league. Good luck to you!


I don’t think the quarterback decision means anything. Big Ben is going NOWHERE. he is a drama king to the fullest and he wasnt considering leaving the sport, not for a second. Still probably keep Evans since you can keep him forever, which by the way I think your leagues keeper rules are terrible and should consider changing immediately.


Keep Evans, for youth, QB situation both durability and long term commitment, target hog, less competition, worse defences faced


I see why people love Evans, but it would be so so hard for me to choose him over AB. AB has consistently been a PPR monster year after year. It’s now four straight seasons where Brown has finished as a top-seven wide receiver, including two seasons as the No. 1 receiver. He’s averaged 1,579 yards and 10.8 touchdowns in that span


well evans has also been consistent, except for his huge dip in TDs last year. brown is 5 years older than him. so just from that stand point the real question is, do you want a top 4 receiver for 5 years, or a top 8 receiver, for 10 years? im taking the guy who will be around longer and is still growing into this offense. he can easily hit 100 receptions, 1,400 yards, 10 TDs. and do that for the next 10 years.


Play for the championship now. You still will have a good 3-4 years of AB and he is the best receiver of the 2 to pick.