Crazy Multi-Trade Trade For CMC?

Hey Footclan. I’m in a 6 person, full PPR league with some friends, their friends, and one of their dads. One of my friends has CMC, and I REALLY want him. I’ve had him in years past, and just love his value (when he isn’t injured). I have already tried to give him Chris Godwin and D’Andre Swift for CMC, and then the same two players for CMC and Tee Higgins, but no dice. I have a plan to get him, but it takes a lot of moving parts. I am thinking of trading Gus Edwards to the J.K. Dobbins owner so I can get Najee Harris. The CMC owner loves the steelers, and he has JuJu and the steelers defense already.

Here is my team.
QB: Herbert
RBs: Alvin Kamara, Antonio Gibson, Austin Ekeler, Aaron Jones, D’andre Swift, Gus Edwards
WRs: Tyreek Hill, Calvin Ridley, DK Metcalf, Allen Robinson II, Cooper Kupp, Chris Godwin, CeeDee Lamb
TE: TJ Hockenson
K: Tyler Bass
DEF: Broncos

CMC Owner’s Roster:
QBs: Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers
RBs: CMC, James Robinson, Mike Davis, Raheem Mostert
WRs: Diggs, Lockett, JuJu, Higgins, Devonta Smith, Brian Edwards, Jerry Jeudy
TE: Evan Engram
K: Justin Tucker
DEF: Steelers

J.K. Dobbins Owner’s Roster:
QBs: Lamar Jackson, Matthew Stafford
RBs: Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb, Najee Harris, Edwards-Helaire, Dobbins
WRs: Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, Courtland Sutton, Jaylen Waddle, Cole Beasly
TE: Kyle Pitts
K: Greg Zuerlein
DEF: Buccaneers, Rams

If any of you would like the rest of the league-mates rosters, let me know so you can get a better idea of who has what.
My plan is to trade Gus for Najee so I can maybe sweeten the deal for the CMC owner and play the “Homer” card.
Let me know if I’m trying too much, or if it’s something smart to go after
Please give me your advice! Thank you Footclan!

I’d try and trade for najee and leave CMC alone.

Wow, he wouldn’t give you CMC for Godwin and Swift, but you thought he might go for it if you asked for Higgins too?

Too funny…

Leagues this small are dumb. It must suck to start Josh Allen, Alvin Kamara, Nick Chubb, Stefon Diggs, DeAndre Hopkins, and George Kittle, and finish 4th.

Who knows how any of your chums (and their friends, and their friends’ dads) value their players. You might get Najee Harris for a used Kleenex and a bent paper clip, for all we know. Or he might not take Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams.

The only advice that makes any sense to these questions is simply to get the best players you can, while giving up the least assets. But you already knew that.

That’s kind of what I’m thinking, but something inside me still wants to trade for CMC :joy:

I just thought that he might because he doesn’t know too much about upside, ceilings and floors and all that. He doesn’t play too much fantasy football and said that he just drafted players that looked cool and that he liked

I want to get CMC because I know what I get with him, but maybe I should let it go because that could eat into my depth.

I also agree with you on how 6 team rosters look/feel. I feel confident with mine, but there’s the chance I finish last with a stacked team.


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