Crazy talk?

10 team PPR, 2 keeper league

I have Gurley (1st rnd) and Hunt (4th rnd) as my keepers. I’m drafting in the 10th spot so I don’t pick until pick 11. Based on keepers and how I know some players in my league are going, when I pick at 11 I’m looking at Julio, AJ, Adams, D. Freeman available to me. Would I be crazy to pick Gronk here? I’d probably be looking at running TY or Fitz or someone comparable as my WR1 if I take Gronk at 11.

I’d rather have Julio.

Unless you’re just extremely high for some reason on Gronk, I don’t understand the logic of reaching for Gronk there. Lock up your WR1 with Julio.

i would rather not have Julio

his floor is horrible…


Julio has averaged over 1,400 yards for the last four seasons. Even with a down TD year last year, he still finished as a WR1.

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He is a rock star… yes. but im saying he has the worst constancy.

when he is not getting touch downs he will have a game with 200 yards

then have 2 with 2 catches for 24

3 catches for 45 .

Id rather have the constancy. thats just my opinion

Winning my week by 40 points cause he went off still is just 1 W. Id take safe 14 point games from my WR over 1 for 30