Crazy to bench Mike Evans this week?

Says it all… standard scoring Evans is going against Patrick Peterson and he is literally shutting down every number 1 WR… Julio is my other WR, but would you play Evans vs Arizona or Davante Adams vs Minnesota since Jordy is most likely going to get covered by their number 1 CB Rhodes. Am I crazy to consider this or does anyone else understand my conflict?

I’m glad you asked this question. I have both Evans and DJax and am considering starting DJax over Evans. Against Minnesota and New England, DJax outscored Evans. What do those two opponents have in common? Xavier Rhodes and Malcolm Butler, both top 10 corners. Going against the Cardinals and Patrick Peterson, everything - except all the “expert” rankings - tells me DJax will outscore Evans. Your logic regarding Minnesota is basically the same as my thinking here.

Don’t get cute

I actually don’t think you’re crazy with Adams as your other option…trae waynes has been getting beaten like a rented mule…I wouldn’t be as comfortable going djax over Evans…

That’s where I’m at and don’t get me wrong Evans did put a whooping on Janoris Jenkins… it’s just I think Peterson is in a league of his own for CB. I have Davante Adams on my bench and I’m going back and forth. The “ranking experts” have Evans around 8 and Adams at about 15. Im 2-3 and need this win so I’m exploring all options at this point

It’s hard when you have Adams who has been on fire lately. Especially when Evans is playing against the best cover corner in football

Would you go Evans or Adams this week only? 2-3 and really need a W. espn projections have Evans at 11 and Adams at 7 in standard scoring, I hate projections lol they always throw me off

Same thoughts here mate. The whole Peterson vs Evans thing. Adams on the bench. Last year Jordy torched Minnesota and I have a feeling they are going to over commit on him with safety help leaving one on one match ups for adams. My flex and other wide receiver are Doug Martin and Chris Hogan. Doug is fresh and looked great last week and Hogan is a red zone machine. Conundrum

That’s where I’m at and it’s such a tough spot to be in because I have Gilly in my flex as of now against the jets because he could explode with a couple TDs so it’s hard to have a spot for Adams. It’s really either him or Evans. Also have ty mont and Jones on my bench but thinking of keeping them there because I have no idea how they are going to divvy up the work and I absolutely hate the matchup vs Minnesota for the RBs