Crazy to start Mike Williams?

Is it crazy that I want to start Mike Williams over Marvin Jones? I also have Rivers and Gordon which leaves me with a lot of chargers

not too crazy, i want to start him over cobb/enunwa but probably won’t unless k allen doesn’t play.

Not crazy at all, especially if Keenan Allen is limited or doesn’t play who has been dealing with knee injury…

Yeah not crazy. I think I would do that even if Allen does play. That matchup vs SF is excellent. As we learned from the Rams performance last night, it’s not always a terrible idea to start 3 players from the same team…

Cobb is a main cause of my drinking while setting my lineup.

haha same here bud, i never know what to do with him.

Ok…have to jump in on this one, cuz it kinda hits on my own dilemma. Trying to decide whether to FLEX M Williams or Lamar.

LOL…I was one of the many poor souls that decided to sit Kupp instead of putting him in my FLEX. TWO FLIPPING WEEKS IN A ROW!!! Last week, I chose to wait and see if his production was actually gonna be a trend or just had a BOOM game. This week I figured MIN was gonna be out for blood and already had KUPP on the top of their HIT LIST after his previous week. (LOL…somebody just shoot me and put me out of my misery!!! LOL) :grimacing: