Crazy to trade Hollywood?

A league mate just offered Alex Mattison(I have Cook) and Demarcus Robinson for Hollywood. I think it’s a decent offer but I also believe in Hollywood. The Mattison handcuff I think is important. I might counter with Godwin instead of Robinson…but want to hear your thoughts before I even consider anything.

Whether it be Godwin or D Rob, I take this just for the valuable handcuff in Mattison. You have to have him as a Cook owner.

You might be overvaluing Hollywood a bit though. Godwin has way more value than Brown does.

Ya, there is no way you are getting Godwin and Mattison for Brown, especially after he didn’t do much yesterday against a not very good defense.

I could argue that Godwin also didn’t do much especially nice that it seems that Winston has reestablished his Evans connection. I might add Darwin Thompson to sweeten the deal.

Unless this is a dynasty league how is adding a guy who has 1.7 fantasy points sweetening the deal? You are just clogging his bench.

Oh I don’t know, because he’s in KC? And he took my offer.
So thanks for the advice.