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Crazy trade advice!


Ok, so I have Demarco Murray and have been trying to trade him. My initial plan was to package him with someone from my bench for a solid tier2 receiver. That didn’t pan out. The best offer I got was Sanu and Evan Engram for Murray. I have Julio Hones but no one to back him up. My next best guys at WR are Decker and Wright. At TE i have Doyle and Graham so I’m not exactly suffering there. What do you guys think about this??


Murray and Graham should get u a solid WR


That’s what I thought! I’m in a 14 team league with an auction draft so I think people are VERY hesitant to give up talent because none of the teams are very deep.


I would not take that trade…Doyle and Graham are solid TE options so Engram doesn’t do much for you. So you’re actually looking at Sanu for Murray, which is not a good trade.


I’d be concerned about Jimmy G. He’s not been the old Jimmy G so far this year…even before the ankle injury. Thinking it might be best to wait and watch him before counting on him at this point. Later down the road…yeah…I’m thinking he’ll be back to his own “reliable” Russel “dependant”!!! BUT…well…need to see!!!


Right. I’m really looking at Doyle as my #1 right now. But this is why people are not liking my trade offers. I have Murray and Graham who were once stars but are underperforming right now. I can’t blame people for not wanting to gamble away a solid WR for guys who could POTENTIALLY do well.


You cannot make that trade. Ever. Like one of the guys said earlier, you are basically trading away for SANU. You could get better waiver options at this point (maybe not 14-ppl), but please hold onto murray for at least a week or two more before you commit suicide. You can get a lot better than sanu.


Ya I wasn’t crazy about that trade offer to begin with. I hung on to Murray but I benched him and he had a great game against a tough Seattle Tun defense. Now I’m over here thinking, “Is Murray back?? Or did he just have a great game?” I really want to just keep him but now I’m in a position to the that if it was a random good game then he might just hold more value in a potential trade. It’s a huge risk lol. Him doing well is actually making me more confused…