Crazy Trade idea?!

Hi guys. After Daks dreadful 2 weeks I am now currently sat at 6-5 (6th in standings) going on 6-6 (6th-8th) after this weeks loss.(In a standard league.)

Like many of you I was a Deshaun Watson injury sufferer, but luckily I had Dak as backup. (Or so I thought).
Dak has been utter Horseshyt these past 2 weeks and because of him and his unbelievable scores of
I’v obviously lost 2 weeks in a row and I am now in desperation mode to find a replacement so I can make the playoffs.
I was sure Tyron Smith would solve all, but it seems that the whole Cowboys franchise is all about Zeke. Dak has had a huge opportunity to put on his big boy pants, but it hasn’t happened.
So, the only viable QB replacement is trading for Mariotta (who I like ROS). Other than that I am looking at very thin waivers which have Dalton, Beathardish quality.

My team



Mike Evans


I don’t like Daltons schedule ROS and I only picked him off waivers for this week incase Tyron Smith was out for the Cowboys.

The Mariotta owner wants a kings ransom as he knows im in trouble with my QB situation. I offered Alshon for Mariotta (steep in my opinion) and he countered with Mike Evans for Mariotta which i laughed off However it got me thinking and although Mike Evans is a stud, that Bucs offense has been turd and unpredictable. I think I need a QB more than I need a reciever, as I am in must win mode for next week.
I asked him to throw in Ty Hilton and he said hed accept.

So the deal would be
Mike Evans for Mariotta and TY.

Wanted to run this desperation playoff trade by the community before I hit accept.
Thoughts welcome!

In my opinion you’re not that deep at WR with Benjamin & Shepard dealing with injuries. That offense runs through Mike Evans pretty much so you can count on him to get his every game. I’m also not a big believer in Mariota but you can’t argue how easy his schedule is ROS. I’m curious about the Rivers owner? He’s coming off a big week so you will have to pay more for him but I like his outlook ROS much more plus that passing offense is taking off since Gordon has been pretty much a non factor lately. Also you know he won’t sit since they are fighting for a playoff spot. Just my 2 cents but I wouldn’t make the trade personally.

your right evans is a stud mariota is not i would keep evans or shop him for a better qb