Crazy trade offer?

I was just offered Miles Sanders to give Kerryon Johnson… this is an obvious accept, yes?

I have Chubb, Carson, D. Johnson, Montgomery, Dobbins, and K. Johnson

Feels like some kind of robbery here - am I missing anything?

10 Team Standard Scoring

Unless your leaguemate is a personal trainer for the Eagles and knows something you don’t about Miles Sanders’ injury, this seems like a slam dunk.

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I wouldn’t even question it.

Yeah, he mixed up some players. In an effort to maintain some league fairness and because of the mistake, I ended up rejecting

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He is now open to moving Jacobs to upgrade at WR.

How does this sound?

Give: David Johnson & Cooper
Get: Jacobs & Sutton or Allen (higher options) or M. Brown or Green (lower/easier options)

This would give me 3 top RBs in Chubb, Jacobs, and Carson
And then not hurt my WR depth TOO bad since my WR1 and 2 are Thomas and Golladay, with Woods and Edelman + who I get back in the trade as depth

I would do the jacobs, sutton trade