Crazy Trade

I just got offered D Hop and Kelce for Tyreek hill. Full point PPR, 6 man league.

Only thing is, is that Tyreek SAVED me last week, and I’m going up against the guy that’s trade with me this week

My Team:
RB: CMC, Jones, Ekeler, Gibson, Patterson
WR: Hill, D.K., Kupp, Ridley, Robinson II, Lamb, Godwin
TE: Hock

His Team:
RB: Taylor, Carson, Swift, Jacobs
WR: D-Hop, Adams, Jefferson, cooks, Williams, Dj Moore
TE: Goedert, Kelce

Thank you footclan!

Bump for responses please

Definitely definitely do this trade


@hwilsonman I guess I’m just super skiddish because Tyreek saved me last week and should have another fantastic game

It’s your team, do what you want.

In case you actually want advice:
Its a smaller league which means you need the top end talent and Kelce is THE top end talent that you need to win constantly. He’ll be more consistent and valuable to your team over the course of the season and you’d be a fool to reject this trade. I would trade Hill for Kelce straight up.

If you want an echo chamber of your opinion: Definitely don’t do that trade! Tyreek saved your team because he cares about your fantasy season! Kelce and D-Hop don’t care about you and aren’t nearly as valuable.

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@hwilsonman Lmao I laughed at the echo opinion😂 I will propose the trade. You make a really good point. I just get kinda caught up and attached to my players if they do well for me.

So if I get Kelce, should I hold T.J Hockenson, or should I try to trade him for a better piece, then run the waiver wire for a TE when Kelce’s BYE comes through?

I guess it depend on how you feel about Hock. If you are confident in him to REALLY produce, you could keep him and trade Kielce for a haul. But yeah, I would probably just trade hock and play waivers for the value. Good luck!

@hwilsonman Trade got vetoed… twice😭 I’m not happy

Wow that sucks. Vetoing is such a toxic thing in ffb. Needs to be removed from all leagues