Creating Dynasty League

Hi footclan!
Looking to start either a dynasty or keeper league with some friends, got a couple of questions.
Do you have any platform to keep the chat, like discord or any other?
And if you do what are the topics that are mandatory to have?
Thank you!

I would use Sleeper. It is free and has a built in chat function that allows the league to easily stay involved. If you are going to be the commissioner I would recommend determining most of the rules and league setup on your own. It gets pretty messy and miserable when you are trying to get votes and opinions from 9-11 others on every small rule, point bonus or roster construction.

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Thx man, I am thinking about creating it on sleeper, heard a lot about it in here.
I will probably be the commissioner and that’s why I am trying to collect more info of what should I do when creating the league, and was wondering where the communication should be done.

I would suggest listening to the Commission Impossible podcast. This really helped me when I set up my dynasty league back in January. They have an episode dedicated to what they think should be included in a new leagues settings. This will give you a place to start, then you can make minor adjustments to make it the most fun for you and your league.

For example, the league I started is a 12 team, SuperFlex with 24 player active rosters and 4 player taxi squads. The league also has 11 players in the starting lineup, which is bigger than most. We wanted to have a larger starting lineup to force GMs to make tough decisions on a weekly basis. We also added in bonuses for big plays/big games and increased the penalty on interceptions and pick sixes.

Thx for the suggestion, heard the first episode and already have some ideas going on :smiley:

Once again, thanks for the help!