Creating Work FF League: Good or Bad Idea?

Has anyone ever created or participated in a FF league that is/was created or formally endorsed by your work? If so, was it a good or bad experience and why?

I’m in a small company with office and maintenance employees (think Dunder Mifflin without the incompetent boss or awkward interactions) and was considering proposing a simple redraft format company league. I was thinking of it in terms of fun, team building, bridging some of the office/maintenance gap, etc.

Any input is appreciated!

As long as people are actively interested, go for it!. I wouldn’t force it if only 2-3 are interested and the rest are just going along.

I’ve commished work leagues at 2 different companies. It’s always been a blast. On top of the payout, we also have a trophy and each year the winner gets to have it on the desk and they get a plaque on the trophy.

I always try to get a full 12 teams, but do what you can.

I’m a teacher and run a 12 team league of other teachers every year. Interest has gotten to be so high that there may be two leagues next year. Do it!