Creative Ways For Owners to Determine Draft Position?

I really like the idea of owners being able to pick their own draft position and not have it be randomized. I’ve heard the idea of owners getting the first choice and on in order of when they pay league dues. I want to see what ideas you have though! Thanks Footclan!

We did this… We used the NFL Draft as the basis - Each person was randomly (we used a BINGO caller) assigned 10 of the top 100 rookie players based on their rankings from FantasyPros. Then we used their average draft position to determine who got first choice for where they were drafting.

I have also heard a lot of doing a mini-combine which would be fun but more difficult if you’re not from the same area.

This was on Reddit a couple days back and has some good ideas. I personally like having a server/bartender ranking team names and owners getting to pick their draft positions based on that ranking. Granted you’re drafting at a bar or restaurant…

In years past my league has done the following:

  1. Mechanical Bull Riding Challenge - we went to a bar with a mechanical bull and had each manager ride the bull and timed them. The longest time got to choose where they drafted (and so on for second longest, third, etc.).
  2. BAC Challenge – had everyone do some heavy but responsible drinking and guess their BAC (dq if not above .03) closest to got to choose their draft order.
  3. Amazon price is right – Everyone submits something you could buy ( a gnome, a fridge, a iphone, etc.) You type that into amazon and go to a random page and play the price is right with the loser from last year going first and winner going last.

What we do before the draft is watch a super smash tourney where everyone gets a random character. Basically fun and random way to figure out the order. Drink some beers and yell at Luigi for ruining your season.

Draft Order – Order will be determined from a Smash tourney.
o Each heat will be random character, 3 stock, no items, Final Destination
o Round 1: Each division fights among themselves, Winner moves on to a heat for 1-3 picks, second moves to 4-6, then 7-9, then 10-12
o Round 2: Same rules except only 3 players per heat. This determines your pick.

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Auction off the draft picks, put the extra money into the pot.

You don’t HAVE to pay more than the original buy in, you will probably just get stuck with a later pick.

We have done a number of diffent ways.
We have had everyone complete the wunderlik test and we chose draft position based on scores.
We have had a football accuracy contest to determine draft position.

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Check out the website below! Our league is doing a Draftlympics (TM pending) and you can see what’s happening in it there! We also have a Twitter y’all should follow. We did tournament for best logo, have polls, and will have more during the season! Big shoutout to our Commissioner for making this all happen!

We do something different every year including beer pong with the draft positions written on the bottom of the cup, so whichever one you make is your draft position. One year we took 12 plastic bags with 12 Jellow cups in one, 11 in another, 10 in another and so on down to 2, in each bag. We then filled all the cups in each bag with water except for one, the other cup in each bag was filled with vodka. We took turns randomly picking and drinking cups from the bag and whoever got the vodka cup got to pick their position in the draft at that point. We also have used March Madness brackets before, with the winner getting to pick their position and go down the line from there but this year is my favorite so far. We’re doing a CPU Royal Rumble on WWE 2K18 with all created characters resembling all the owners in the league. Whoever wins or lasts the longest will get to pick their draft position first.

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We’re doing a FIFA world cup bracket this year given its available. Needless to say, 1/3 of the league just got crushed today when Germany got eliminated.

Thanks guys! I’m looking more for ways to do it when you aren’t all in the same area. Guys in my leagues are usually from all across the country.

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