CRidley Trade

Full PPR
I give up Ridley and Mike Davis
Receive Cooks and Chubb

WRs Diggs, Ridley, D Smith, Kenny G, Corey Davis, Mike Thomas
RBs: Edmonds, Hubbard, Monty, Patterson, Mike Davis, Hines

Not sure if I am giving up too much but prefer not to have 3 Falcons going on my team

The current state of affairs says go for it. Patterson is the better fantasy asset at RB in Atlanta. No Brainerd and Hunt is out for multiple weeks.

Yessssss do it chubb will be really good when he comes back

thanks guys, he accepted right after the news Chubb is out this week. Hopefully I can squeak out a win this week and then have him fired up the following!