Criticize my dynasty team. Where/how can i improve?

12-team Full PPR… 1qb 2rb 3wr 1te 2flex 18bench…

Qb: Aaron Rodgers, Mitch Trubisky

Rb: Kerryon Johnson, Derrius Guice, Mike Davis, Latavius Murray, TJ yeldon, AP, Marshawn Lynch, Justin Jackson, Wendell Smallwood, Jeff Wilson

Wr: Deandre Hopkins, Odell Beckham, Julio Jones, Tyrell Williams, Keke Coutee, Nelson Agholor, DeVante Parker, Cam Meredith

Te: Vance Mcdonald, Austin Hooper, Delanie Walker

2019 picks: 1.04, 2.02, 2.07, 3.04, 4.07

2020: (2) 1sts, (2) 2nds, 4th

2021: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Lets hear the input, good or bad

The first thing that stuck out to me was your RBs. Guice is an unknown for obvious reasons, Kerryon has great optential, but other than that do you really want any of those guys in your starting lineup? Then i saw your TE and cringed.

Obviously i cannot see the other teams, but id be trying to trade one of the big 3 wrs to get a top TE and a Serviceable WR.

Im always in the mindset of trading picks for known quality vs the unknown of the picks. Can you package those picks into a top te or rb and still hold on to your wrs?

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Interesting. Personally i actually really like davis/murray as rb2/3s. i think both are worthy of a flex spot.

As for tight end i would never sell a top wr like that for a TE. Hooper was a TE1 last year. Vance is gonna be soaking up targets in pitt, and delanie walker assuming he gets healthy has been a TE1 for quite a while and hes been with mariota so theres that connection. In a landscape that is so trash i think i have 3 startable guys.

As for the picks i have the same mindset as you. Id like t sell for a known player. Im looking for WR depth

Why do you need wr depth? You have 3 stud starters, plus serviceable bye week fill-ins. Obviously you still have the 2 flex positions to fill in.

You do have a valid point about the TE position, other than the top few guys everyone else just is at a different tier and all your guys fit into that tier.

but why not try and get one of the big 3 tes in kelce, kittle, ertz?

I think murray is not nearly as good as people want to make him. Its like people are stuck on his 1 good year in oakland. If he hadnt bloated his TDs to 12 in 2016 no one would really talk about him. he is 29 years old and is going to get you around 700 yards and 6 tds 20 rec for 150 yards.
Unless you start him on one of his TD games, youre going to get 1 rec for 9 yards and 43 yards rushing. Thats not what i consider good enough numbers.

I feel worse about mike davis.

By this point in their careers we see what they are and sure they could blow up one season, but history tells us they arent going to help you much.

After this post and your point about TE, i now think your biggest need is rb by far. You could be just fine if guice is what we want to think he is, but you are still left without a good bye week guy or flex player. You need to get your self a sure thing at Rb. A top 10 guy that you know you enver have to worry about. KJ hasnt done it yet and while i think he can do it, its still just potential that may not ever materialize.

hey man this is exactly what i wanted, a different view on my team so i appreciate the input a lot.

Wr depth is iffy for me, typically wrs score more in the flex than rbs do and i have dont have any bench guys that im confident will step up this year. agholor could definitely have a good year in the slot but he still has ertz and now goedert to deal with over the middle. Tyrell will have big weeks most likely but hasnt show any consistency and now hes on a new offense. Parker… yeah. Keke looked good but health so i hope he keeps that role he had last year

I dont really invest a whole lot in tight ends, i just see TE6 with touchdown potential as just fine. Since theres only a few worth the high price i just stay away.

Murray on the Saints offense is worthy of flex spot idc about talent haha. Theres just so much history of it and murray can fill the exact role ingram did, a power back to take the load off kamara and a goal line back. Theres potential there.

Mike Davis will take over exactly what jordan howard did (200+ touches for 900+ yards) be the goal line back and can catch better than howard. On a nagy led shifty creative offense Give me that volume ALL DAY. I spent so little capital on him its such a value. Mike davis flashed on seattle with a very mediocre Oline. Only thing that can happen is they draft a RB high and all chicago has is 3,4,5,7,7. It is possible but i personally dont see them taking a rb with those 3,4 picks

No problem.

I get where you are coming from, i would just want a sure thing. Murray is no Ingram and i dont see him producing nearly as well as Ingram. and i get the upside of Davis, but again there is no history to back this up, just hopes in the potential. you are currently relying on KJ and Guice to be top 10-15 rbs. What happens if they are both in the 20’s? What happens if one is top 10, but then the rest of your rbs are 30’s or below?

You know you are locked and loaded for Starting Wrs and a little iffy with the depth, but I like that depth over what you have at RB.

There could very well be a situation with injury or what not that you are being forced to make davis or murray a full time starter. Is that something you really want to put your entire season on?

Definitely good points.

Give me some guys youd target, or what kinda package youd try to send

Its hard to say without knowing the other rosters in your league. Are there owners with top 10 rbs that love draft picks?

Is there a die hard browns fan that would love to have odell that you could get say brandon cooks and melvin gordon?

Maybe there is an owner that is in love with rodgers and would give up someone like wentz and mixon for him.

When i look to make trades i do what i did with your team. I break it down and figure out what they need the most and then i factor in what i know about the owner and his love for picks/teams/ etc.

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I be you could target Henry with some of those backup RBS,WRS you have .That would be a good boost in your RBs. Other than that, you should ride this team.

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i just traded chubb, tate, rojo and 2.11 for julio, AP, 2.02 and 2020 1st so i kinda knew i was sacrificing rb depth a bit. Im definitely gonna take a look around and try to buy a rb low

just received james white for 2019 2.02

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QB: Drop Smallwood from that awful timeshare and grab Nick Mullins as your 3rd QB (if available), Jimmy might be made of glass and long term Mullins will be a great option.

RB: Your RB’s are what worry me. Team is saying Kerryon won’t be an every down back. Guice isn’t going to be 100% ready this season, AP makes a good filler until he gets back though. Lynch won’t play this year since they picked up Crowell (those are Lynches hints that make me believe this). It seems like you have no real short term options (barring injury to starters), and a lot of looong term, but nothing solid for the 1-2 year range down the road.

WR: I’m seething with jealousy at your WR core.

TE: Drop Delanie, he’s a dumpster fire at this point. Vance should be absolute fire as a TE2 at least.