Critique my roster. Trying to make playoff push

I’m in a 10 team PPR redraft league, and need the help of you pros here at the Footclan to get me to the playoffs. Nobody in the league has broken out yet. 2 teams at 4-2, 2 teams at 2-4,. I’m sitting 7th at 3-3 with the other 5 due to points. 6 teams make the playoffs.

Here is my current roster after waiver claims 10/16…
QB - Murray, Goff
WR - Woods, Cooks, Gallup, D.J. Moore, Lazard
RB - Cook, Kerryon, Michel, J. Williams
TE - Andrews, Herndon
K - Crosby
DST - Chargers

Originally drafted AB, and Cam, so I started in a hole.

What position(s) are strong?
Where do I need help?
Trades? Who should I be targeting? And who should I give up to get the target?
I am willing to make a big move here. I just have no experience in anything other than a 1 for 1 trade.

The last 2 seasons, I’ve had to win the last game just to not finish last (which I have)

Help me out here people… If my roster looks like shite, let me know. But give me suggestions on who to target, and who to give up.

You need to get WR help. There’s too much rolling the dice on a given week to get points. I’m a fan of Gallup but Dallas gives me an uneasy feeling.

I would try to move Kerryon and any (or all) Rams WR not named Kupp for a WR1. Or leverage a hot J. Williams and a WR (not Gallup) for DJ Chark or McLaurin if the owners don’t believe in the off-brand names.