Critique this draft strategy (kinda long post)

Could you please provide feedback on this overall draft strategy? ESPN 12-team standard.
EDIT: I’ve determined I’m just gonna go full BPA in rounds 1 and 2, even if I go RB-RB or WR-WR. In ESPN mocks if I go WR-WR (AB, Adams), I can get Howard/McKinnon, Collins, Ajayi, Lamar Miller, tons of great RBs in rounds 3-5

Round 1: RB, usually Barkley, maybe or Kamara, but if Zeke/DJ drop I’ll grab them, but right now I’m set on Barkley. I would consider AB but I don’t like the RBs in round 2 as my RB1.

Round 2: WR, I keep getting Allen/AJ/Adams in mocks, but sometimes I get Mike Evans which I’m not crazy about but that’s life. Sometimes I get Michael Thomas though, which I’m thrilled about, so I think it’s worth the risk here.

Round 3: RB. In ESPN mocks, Jordan Howard, McKinnon and Mixon keep appearing here which I’m thrilled about, but I am also content with Lesean McCoy or even reaching for someone like Alex Collins or Jay Ajayi. I do this because in round 4 I see this tier of RBs gone, while the WRs are lovely. If I do have to take a WR, my top guy is Doug Baldwin here, esp because I think he will stack well with Russell Wilson who I’m also targeting in round 6.

Round 4: WR. Alshon, Amari Cooper, Demaryius, Allen Robinson, Larry Fitzgerald, so many great WRs

Round 5: RB, best available. But here, I do this because I think I can still get a Royce Freeman or someone I think is good, and the tier dropoff is insane after it. I’m very open to convincing here though.

  • EDIT: In certain mocks, there were no good RBs here so I took Greg Olsen and stacked him with Cam Newton in round 6 and I love this. Unless Jay Ajayi or Lamar Miller is there in round 5 I’m probably doing this

Round 6: QB, best available. RW, Cam, Wentz, Brees all frequently fall here. I could probably wait til round 7 but I am not crazy about the other players’ positions here.

Round 7: TE, I like Delanie Walker and Kyle Rudolph, but if they’re both taken I might take best WR/RB available and get Reed/Burton next round

Round 8: Best RB available, but I find myself taking CJ Anderson or Jamaal Williams here, unless Marlon Mack or a player who I won’t name for ADP reasons but rhymes with Berry Gone Swanson. I’ll also take Chris Carson here if there’s no one else, I like the RB group in this round.

Round 9: Best WR available: Woods, Garcon, Robby Anderson, all seem good to me here.

Round 10: Devontae Booker and I’m putting on my hater blockers here. If he’s not available then I’ll take best RB/WR available but he’s almost always there.

Round 11: Sterling Shepard is top priority here, he’s really the best guy available, otherwise DJ Moore or Cam Meredith I guess.

Rounds 12 and 13: Kicker or D/ST here, and the hater blockers are on. There is often a top-3 Defense and top-1 kicker available to me. I love the Rams and Eagles D/ST this year because their offense is phenomenal and I’m a firm believer in the offense’s time of possession helping the defense. When you have a team like the Rams (or even the Chargers) who will be an offensive/time-of-possession powerhouse then it helps a lot.

Rounds 14-16: Sleepers/Mega-Values, I like Gallup, Ted Ginn, Bilal Powell, but I’m open to tons of suggestions here as preseason plays out.

I don’t see anything wrong with it. Personally, I forget about position needs and bye weeks, I cross those bridges when needed to. I always take the best available during each round, of course not including Qb’s once I have one. Wideouts and runningbacks, I don’t care I’ll draft 3 of each in consecutive rounds if I see value. God forbid if I have had a couple IPA’s, or three before a draft… I drafted 3 runningbacks in the first 3 rounds last year: David Johnson, Hunt, Gurley, and was about to take Dalvin Cook but something told me I should take a wideout. It actually worked out for me!!

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