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Crosby vs. Gano


Just picked up Gano (dropped Adam V.) as a FA as he’ll be the kicker on Sunday but I just checked my league and someone dropped Crosby for Lutz. I currently have a wavier claim in for Crosby (3rd out of 10 priority), dropping Gano even though I think Gano has a better match up this week. I’m worried about leaving Crosby and trying to pick him up after Sunday because my league is out of Wisconsin and Crosby is a clear top 5 kicker. Does my logic make sense? First fantasy season and ya’ll definitely lead me in the right direction with K. Hunt!!


Let’s definitely cancel that waiver claim. Do not burn that on a kicker. I prefer Crosby this week. Pick him up once he clears. And if he doesn’t clear waivers… hope someone with higher priority used it on him!


Get ready for a super dumb question (first timer here) when you say don’t burn the claim, is that because if I use my 3rd priority on Crosby, I drop to the bottom of the wavier priority and someone may put someone on waivers that is more valuable and I should just hope Crosby clears the waiver and I can grab him as a FA?


Correct! As the season goes on, the waiver priority becomes very valuable… Like if an RB gets hurt and you have top waiver priority, you’re guaranteed that back up RB who’s gonna get all the touches. Kickers are too hard to predict (even if we know they’re great) and most of them can go off on any given Sunday if all the chips fall their way.


Does my league having waiver priority reset each week to inverse of standings change that at all? Sorry for all the questions.


Hmm. Yeah I guess it does. I was assuming it was continuous. But I still wouldn’t burn a waiver on a kicker. Who else (non DST or K) is out there?


Paul Perkins (have good RB depth), Danny Amendola, Alex Smith (Dalton is backup to R. Wilson), and that’s really it.


I’d say Amendola is a worthwhile add if you have droppable assets, assuming his concussion isn’t too bad. Weekly resets of waiver priority do make using your waiver on a kicker more viable. If it’s going to change based on standings anyway, you might as well use it.


Got it, thanks for all the help!


Anytime, good luck this season.