Cross Position Tier Questions

Hello, first time UDK owner.

I was doing a mock draft and came up 7th out of 12. I had a choice between Alvin Kamara (Tier 2 RB) vs Deandre Hopkins (Tier 1 WR). I chose Kamara, but was wondering if that was the right choice.

Does Tier 1 WR = Tier 2 RB?

For TE, assuming I miss Gronk, does Tier 2 TE = Tier 3 RB or Tier 4 RB?

I’m just trying to figure out how the tiers relate across positions. If anyone can offer how they map across, I would greatly appreciate it!



For me on what the right choice is comes down to if this is a 1 and done league, a keeper or dynasty league. Hopkins is worth more in dynasty then Kamera is. Tier 1 anything is hard not to take. Although i rarely take WR over RB in the first round. I dip to do it from 7-12 though so your right on the cusp .

Tier value is situational and not cut n dry. If you are going clear value for trades and to (up) your value number in a dynasty league higher tiers = higher numbers.

TE class is so light that there is only a handful of guys to pick from anyway that will make a difference above other normal TE’s . If you want to take a high pick on Kelce or Gronk to me those would be the only 2 I would take over that same round WR at that value .

Many thanks Windowlicker. This is helpful.

This is a one-and-done league, 1/2 point ppr.