Crow or Yeldon, 1/2 per?

Assume Fournette is out.

If fournette is out I want to lean Yeldon… I really hate betting against the Pats… but Crow’s performance last week was heavily inflated by his long TD… take that one run away and its a real ungly day. For Yeldon we just dont know how much Grant gets involved but even to that arguement, Powell will always be involved for NYJ. My biggest concern is Bill chooses to eliminate the RB to force Bortles to push it downfield… and it’s worth mentioning that the Pat’s were rated as the best pass rushing team in week 1 IIRC. For me, I just think Yeldon is talented enough to have high upside and I just dont think Crow is a good back at all. Hope that helped.

Yeah man, thanks for your candor.