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Crowder and Pryor


Just listening to today’s podcast and Andy has both of these guys as breakouts. He goes on to argue that both can be top 20 guys and likens them to Jordy and Davante Adams, Cooper and Crabtree, D Thomas and Sanders, and M Thomas and Cooks, who all finished as top 24 wideouts last year.

What stands out to me is that GB, OAK, DEN or NO didn’t have any real substantial 3rd option. I mean, NO had Snead who was a borderline wr3 and Fleener who ended up te12, but Cousins is not Brees and none of the others had another top 50 we or top 24 te.

Washington does have that guy though, in Jordan Reed, who is probably the number one target when he’s on the field. And we also have to worry about Josh Doctson, who will be increasingly involved in this offence.

I just feel like for Pryor to return value at his current draft value (currently going wr13…wow) and Crowder to be a top 20 guy, you are banking on Jordan Reed being gone for the majority of the season. Which might be reasonably probable, but still.



Pryor is going too high for my taste. Crowder is a bit more reasonable, but I honestly don’t seem to get either of them in many mocks. There always seems to be someone i trust more.