Crowder & Barber for Coleman

Would you do this trade, i end up with Tevin Coleman and lose Crowder and Peyton Barber? The guy is very close to agreeing i just want to see if its the best move

I would do it, assuming you have WR depth. Who are your other receivers?

I’m not a Crowder believer. My money would be on Richardson or Doctson if a Washington receiver is valuable. From the sound of it Barber will be in a full RBBC in TB, he would need both ROJO and Sims to go down to be a full workhorse, where Coleman just needs Freeman to miss time to get there.

Plus, just looking at the consistency numbers, even with Freeman playing most of the season, Coleman returned RB1 or RB2 value 66% of the time last season. I think Barber and Crowder would be hard pressed to match that. If its PPR Crowder could be valuable, but then Coleman is a no brainer upgrade over Barber

Yeah those were my thoughts too, he’s still deliberating on it so i’ll try and get him to commit and do the deal.
The rest of my team is WR - Allen/Baldwin/Kirk/Miller/Cain/Moore/Chark/Ross and RB - Zeke/Guice/CJA/Clement/Breida so i could use a better back up runner, I’m high on my rookie WR’s and if Coleman signs elsewhere next year i can either keep him as a potential RB1 in his own right or trade him when his value is high in the offseason

Edit - it’s a half PPR league so i don’t mind conceding Crowder here, full PPR i probably wouldn’t be as interested in adding Coleman as RB depth over a potential PPR specific WR like Crowder

You ended up with a lot of solid rookies at WR! At the very least two of those should pan out to be WR2 and higher. So Crowder doesn’t matter. The Bucs have shown they don’t have faith in Barber by drafting Jones. Definetly take this trade immediately. Coleman wants a backfield to himself when he enters free agency.

I would not… I would keep Crowder and Barber. It’s right on the line for me. Im not as high on coleman after last year. Alex Smith has been developing quite a report with Crowder

If this is dynasty Id forsure keep em. If its not then well im on the line and could lean given your roster

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Yes its a dynasty and i think the mixed responses are all in line with my view, i do like Coleman and i think given the opportunity somewhere else next year on his own he could do something for sure but I also like Crowder and given Coleman will be 26 next year Crowder being a WR has more life in him and if he turns into Smith’s slot security blanket and racks up receptions i’ll be annoyed as he’ll have more value to me or someone else next year.

I’ll see what the guy says, he’s still on the fence as well. Even in dynasty RB2s and 3s in my league seem to be carrying a heavier price tag than i would expect

I love Crowder with Smith but Coleman is an FA next year and could end up leading a backfield plus he already has a chance to get more points than Crowder if Freeman doesn’t rebound. Crowder is TD dependent and Coleman is not. Barber is a throw in. I’d rather have Marion Barber.


I’d do it, for sure! Coleman is a great spot-start for this year and could be a real monster next year. Especially if Freeman gets another concussion, that could make him a cap casualty. There’s a good chance he becomes a lead-back whereas Barber and Crowder will always just be pieces, IMO.

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CoooooooooleMAN! FTW!

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