Crowder or Cobb

Looking for a 4th WR in a half PPR dynasty start up draft, pretty solid roster already Cobb and Crowder seem to be falling though in the rookie rush in round 7 and 8. Would you take either of these guys or both in the 7-9 round range?

Also Looking at a QB now as well, Rodgers, Wentz, Watson and Wilson off the board but everyone else is in play. Take one of the above and get a solid option in at QB then go back to BPA/Depth after that or keep holding out and add BPA depth?

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I like Crowder significantly more than Cobb. 25 vs 28 respectively (at start of season).

I would keep holding out at QB if it is a 1QB league/10-12 teams. If there are 14-16 teams, QB demand will be higher. You should be able to get solid options in the 12-15 rounds or later.


Appreciate the comment, I would be of the same mindset and Crowder first. I’m actually surprised no one has picked him up yet, seems to be forgotten. Agree on the QB view as well, there are still so many draft worthy WR/RB’s on the board i feel like its a reach to get a QB especially as they are all essentially tier 2 and down at this stage

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This late and with those QBs already off the board, you can probably find a fine QB later. I would take the WR.

Different than you guys, I actually take Cobb. With Jordy out and Rodgers back, he most certainly should see a tick up in targets and catches.

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I did take Crowder in the end but Cobb is still falling back to me in the next round so if he’s there he’ll be in the mix for sure, i have a sneaky feeling too that this year will be a good one for him and he’ll be a big sell high candidate in the offseason when i can get someone to overpay for him whose WR needy.

It looks like it’ll be a toss up between Cobb, Carlos Hyde who has dropped way down and Matt Breida who i like as a sleeper pick. I’d probably rank them in that order though if they are there and maybe get lucky and get 2 out of 3

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