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Crowell and Cook or


In a standard scoring league would you take Isaiah Crowell and Dalvin Cook and run with that or try to trade one of the two for someone like J. Howard or McKinnon?


I would not be satisfied with Cook\Crowell

I would look to replace Crowell for a better RB… That being said. He could have a break out year in New York. I just could not put my stock in it.


I would take J Howard all day if you can deal Crowell + for him.


I don’t think many people will be taking trade offers for Crowell, he could be a solid flex fill in depending on how camp goes this summer. McKinnon is really popular right now and will be hard to trade for. Howard is undervalued in my opinion but I would not be giving up Cook for him. As far as trading we would need more information to assess a possible trade.


I’m very deep at WR; A. Brown, M. Evan’s, Smith-Schuster, C. Kupp, A. Hurns, M. Lee, and Goodwin. Also I have L Murray as a backup/ flex RB


I’m mainly just looking to add value to my RB core while keeping some depth at WR


Please don’t include Cook in a trade for either of those two. Crowell + something is fine. Cook is much more valuable than either.


Lol I’m not going to include cook in any of my trade talks, I just wanted to get more out of my RB situation. And I want to thank all of the foot clan nation for helping me out on this issue! You guys are the best!


Trade Hurns to a Dallas fan.