Crowell and Diggs for Ingram and JuJu?

I am the Kamara Owner in a 10 Team standard league and have hunt as my RB2 along with Crowell at my 3rd and last RB
My WRs
Diggs, Sanders, Allison, Nelson, Fitzgerald
Should i trade my stefan diggs and crowell for his mark ingram and juju??

Let me know foot clan i think this might be a championship move

It would be but I doubt they’d go for it unless they’re a huge Jets fan. Its a slight upgrade at WR for them but no way Crowell puts up similar numbers to Ingram for the rest of the season.

No way would any rational person who knows anything about FF would accept that trade…

we are having trade talks about it right now
he proposed drake and juju for diggs alone so i don’t know

The main point of the trade is to try and get Ingram I thought?
I would not give up Drake/JuJu for Diggs…