Crowell, Collins or Royce?

Need 1 of the 3, PPR.

Crowell @ CLE
Collins v DEN
Royce @ BAL

Collins but i wouldn’t be happy about it, I’ve benched Collins this week but Crowell is a complete mystery to me and Royce may not get the volume you need

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Collins is the most guarantee workload. May only get you 10 points but at least youre getting a lot of rushes.

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yeah, i’m trying to really choose between collins and crowell. i like crowell because it’s going to be a close game so i think he gets more run than powell in the game, but i agree about collins. i don’t like either of their matchups against the defensive fronts they’re facing, and allen at the goalline has really annoyed me because i was all in on collins this season. i’ll likely keep going back and forth until 8ish tonight. thanks for the help guys!!

I’m in the same boat too, have Collins or royce Freeman to also might pick up Clemons from the waivers instead. But if I has to choice I’d take Collins as well only becuase the volume, should come back to normal hopefully this week.

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thanks everyone, leaning towards collins now!