Crowell for Dez Bryant

I was offered Crowell for Dez in a 1/2 ppr league. Leaning toward “no” but am I over valuing Dez?

The other owner wants another WR and I could use a solid RB2 even though I don’t necessarily have a strong need for one. I am really deep at WR and a little more depth at RB would be nice.

I counter offered with Jeffery and the Cardinals DST (to “sweeten” the deal) but I have yet to hear back on that offer. Thoughts, Footclan?

Hopefully that sweetener goes through. I don’t think you’re over valuing Dez, he’s great except for his schedule and his tough time when playing against top defenses. Isaiah is a good RB 2, and if that’s a spot where you need to improve the most then go for it when you’re good on the WR end…oh, and I guess I am a Brown’s fan too.
(That was my unbiased view. My biased view? Isaiah Crowell is a RB1, top 5 running back numbers by end of year, to help the Browns make the playoffs :slight_smile:

What’s your full roster?

Bell, Abdullah, Wiodhead, Gore
Green, Dez, D Thomas, Robinson, Jeffery, M Bryant

His WR are Antonio Brown, Watkins, Tate and Adams

I value Dez highly as well and I’m in the same boat as @JasonFFL when it comes to the Crow as I couldn’t draft him. I’m not sure if Cleveland’s D can create a positive game flow for heavy run usage and Duke’s being hyped up to make you think he’s going to get third down usage and then some, add in a rookie QB and all signs point to me staying away from Cleveland RB’s.