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Crowell for Jackson


Just lost Adams. Want to propose this trade in STD. I just lost any depth… :frowning:

Is it a fair trade.

RBs: Hunt, Gurley, Cohen, Crowell, Rodgers, Martin
WRs: Brown, Adams, Parker, Ginn, Golladay, Agholor


I would do that. Your RB depth is great esp if Martin does anything that people are projecting. I’d find it hard to find a time where you would have Crowell in your starting 3 RBs confidently.


I also think I could propose to the Cooper/E Sanders owner. Would you rather want Cooper, Sanders or D Jax?


I love Sanders. Cooper was second man in TDs to Crabtree last year and its looking like its going to be the same thing this year. And I haven’t been impressed with D Jax yet. If you watched the games with Sanders, as well as he’s produced, he could have had a lot bigger of games. He’s had multiple TDs called back for penalties and getting targeted a ton in the red zone. If you can get Sanders that would be a great upgrade


The owner tried to counter with Cooper for Hunt… I wonder how big I can make the font and still be legible.


lol I would shame him infront of the rest of the group with that trade. In one of my leagues we have a “Douchebag Trade offer of the week award” and that would take the cake right there. Amari Cooper has around 20 points total this year and Hunt has over 100! Thats just nuts




When I get trades like that, I counter with their best 3 players for my kicker


This is a really bad team… they already have 2 kickers.