Crowell for Watkins? Pleas help

Hi guys I’ve been offered Watkins for crowell do I make the trade?? 12 team standard league

Qb Bradford
Rb freeman
Rb ajayi
Wr Bryant
Wr cooper
TE Ertz
Flex Hunt

BN Stafford
BN crowell
BN Jaquiz Rodgers
BN ginn
BN Parker
BN Hurns

His team is

Big Ben
K Allen

J Allen
C Davies

Could I counter back to get a better deal?

I think that is a pretty stacked team for a 12 team league!

I would keep Crowell personally. Not that Watkins isn’t good because he is, but I think long term you will get more out of crowell. You can get a receiver off waivers for free if you want that on any given day ( given a good matchup ) could get you more points than Sammy

But if you are leaning towards doing it- counter and try and get a better WR from him

Thanks yeh I feel like my team is pretty good for now! Someone just dropped decker too might try pick him up

What WR would you counter for?

Might be good. would only drop hurns or rodgers to get him. I wouldn’t trade a whole lot off your team. it’s really good

Try and get Bryant. Helps that he had an off week. Plus you can argue that Brown and Bell will get most the work and that James had 2 TD’s and there is too much competition for him to be significant, but he’s still a bit better than Watkins.

I was thinking about Mixon and Watkins for crowell and hurns

I have Bryant already

Oh sorry misread

I hold off on Mixon until you know he’s getting a majority of the workload and is doing something with it. Just not a huge fan of watkins either. I probably would hold off on trading. Seems like teams in your league know you have a good team and will try and talk you into giving you your guys!

But either Hopkins or Hilton over Sammy. Think with D Watson in Houston now, Hopkins is a much better WR. When luck comes back, Hilton will be up towards the best again.

Yeh I think I’ll hold off the trades! Just wanted to try see if I could get another top WR! I think he’d trade me TY for crowell and I could bench him till luck was back… but probally just not trade right now! Thanks for the help

Just worried then I have no real rb replacements if one of my rb go down

think you will be okay with hunt as replacement and a wr at flex!