Crowell or Duke Johnson?

Not the best options for my flex this week, but out of the two who do you think will do better in a full PPR. They have JAX this week.

Anyone have opinions?

Well Crowell has been pretty bad up until recently. But I think Chris Johnson still might be a better play. You’ll get exactly what you expect from him! Now if you could get ahold of Duke Johnson… I would also play him over Crowell…

Sorry, Felix… I should have been more clear in the title. The question was between Crowell or Duke.

They will most likely be playing from behind, so I would think game scrpit would be in favor of Duke, but the Crow has looked pretty good the last 2 weeks. The safe bet is the Crow because of the volume. Duke has more upside with his pass catching ability

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Lol I was just playing man, I understood you perfectly. I’ve just been thinking it funny to bring up people like Chris Johnson and Jonas gray…

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