Crowell or Kareem Hunt rest of year?

Thinking about making some trade offers for Hunt am I overreacting?

He’s in the better offense, so I like Hunt more. Hunt’s a playmaker and so is Tyreek, it’ll be hard for defenses to keep them both in check.

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Seconded. I have both Crow and Hunt. Will be playing Hunt over Crow for the foreseeable future. Hunt can be a top-5 back. Crow is more like top-12-ish.

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I’d go Hunt, I have him and think he’s a better play maker. I’m not delusional thinking Hunt is going to have those numbers every week or even ever again but I’m feel like his ceiling is much higher than Crow’s.

I vote hunt, in Andy Reid offense, not even close IMO

Would it influence? if i also have tyreek Hill?

I think Hunt is the better player in the better situation. Would have said so before the ridiculous blow up game. Don’t overpay tough, he’s unlikely to come close to his week (maybe for the rest of his career).