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Crowell or Lynch


Who are you taking in non ppr and redraft


Close call for me. Would depend how my earlier picks went. I see Lynch has having a higher upside on a much better offense. However, he’s still a gamble considering his age and hasn’t played a full season in a while.

If I felt safe with my earlier picks I would gamble on Lynch for the upside he brings and goal line opportunities he should get. If I got some riskier players prior, I may stay with Crowell who should produce a decent base line. Only issue with Browns is how many game will they still be in come second half?!


If we have to take one or the other I am taking Crowell 2 rounds later. In ESPN ADP Lynch is going late 2nd rd while Crowell is going late 4th. Even if that ADP difference decreases I will still wait on Crowell if I have to choose one or the other


If ESPN has Lynch going in the 2nd round as mentionned by @lebrundage then not a chance I am touching him.
I’ve given up on using ESPN after a few issues over past few years.
Wouldn’t be confortable grabbing either crowel or lynch before mid 4th round.


This is for a keeper league but I wouldn’t keep either one


Depends on the value, Crowbar is a safer option, but Lynch could be ridiculous. He could be Blount of 2016.


This would be my rb2/rb3. I have DJ at Rb1 and will draft Fournette and Mixon as well. Based on that, do you think Lynch is worth the risk?


I do, but that is my play style. DJ is a safe baseline so I like to swing for the fences. You only need 1 of Lynch, Mixon, or Fournette to hit for it to be worth it.


I’m just a little worried the raiders may rest Lynch a bit for the playoffs


Good point, but Denver should be really good this year. KC got a little worse, but not much. Chargers improved.