Crowell Outlook

What do you guys think of Crowells out look now that he signed with the jets. sleeper or stay away from him?

Kind of feel like it won’t be much different than the Browns except that it will be Bilal Powell who ends up being the better fantasy option instead of Duke Johnson. I’m staying away.

He has potential to be something but honestly who knows. Powell is gonna steal third down work but he seems to be a solid bet for the 1 2 down work. Problem is that offense just isn’t good. Bowles probably wants to run the ball a lot but he just might not be able to. Maybe he’s worth a flyer on but I don’t think he’s worth much. If you’re gonna grab him, make it cheap

Trust me, he won’t do well with Baby Hands Bridgewater and that patchwork line (at the moment). You can wait on him for a while. He might be a good bye week fill-in.

i think this is an interesting question, because crow isnt a crappy running back, he has just ended up on some crappy teams now. so lets do some comparison to figure out his value. i would say crow is just as good as forte was when he got there even with his old man legs. so you can expect a similar work load. something along the lines of 900 yards, 6 TDs, 35 receptions for 300 yards and maybe a TD. which in a PPR is a bit below 200 points. which makes him a lamar miller. so i dont think he is a sleeper, but its also not a thing where i am just staying away from him. ill take him end of 3rd, begining of 4th. that will vary depending on who is around and who drops obviously but im starting to look around then. in a PPR 200 points is a decent RB2 or flex RB. so dont go ham on him, but i wouldnt ignore him.

I would probably agree with that. I have Crowell in dynasty and was close to dropping him before he went to New York. Now he’s at least worth a flyer on. If you can get him at flex or RB2 production, you got a steal because after the millions of claims and Crowell is hot garbage, he’s going to be flying well under the radar to the casual players.

Crow left a bad taste in people’s mouths so he will be a value this year. That being said I think he is a spot starter at best. But you can snag him in late rounds for sure, and if he pops, congrats!

End of the 3rd, beginning of 4th in redraft?!

supply and demand. you hope not to use these picks but with how it has gone the last few years, RBs will go like hot cakes so to get him you will have to go that early. its not an i want to thing, its more of a you may need to thing. think when WRs were on the rage and to get one you had to over draft like crazy. same thing just with RBs, which already have a smaller pool to work with. but hopefully him burning people last year drives his price down. its also really hard to say because the season is still pretty far away.

He’s a mediocre RB. Did his situation improve? Maybe, but we are consistently awful at predicting that, so who knows. I won’t be investing heavily in him.