Crucial playoff decision

Austin eckeler or mark Ingram? Full ppr
I feel like this decision will be the most important for me to advance to the next round in the playoffs
Appreciate any feedback

Man…IDK…if it was my team I’d prob go with Eckler, simply because I think Chargers are gonna be pushing harder. AND…since NO’s is almost a LOCK at this point…thinking they’re gonna start going easy on Ingram. Might be way off track…JMO.

AND…the ESPN PPR projections are slating Eckler for 18…and Ingram for 13. ( kinda backing up what I was just saying)…BUT…LOL…we all know how those “projections” tend to work out. I just usually think that “projections” tend to hold a little more weight at this point in the scenario than usual.

Again…may be way off track here…but…if I had to make this decision…this would be my thought process toward my final decision. Hope this helped…LOL…but I’m no expert here…just another lowly FFB owner struggling to make heads or tails out of this whole mess and confusion. LOL

Best of luck my friend in whatever you decide!!!

Great points by llc…

But I’d muddy the water and lean the other way… If they do start to limit Ingram your introuble but I think Justin Jackson looked better last week so i think he will get more wrk… Go with your gut