Cry for help!

I’m now 0-4 foot clan the way I drafted with value picks, listening to the podcast, talking with everybody in the forum and talking to people on Reddit and just going with my heart on a lot of start/sit decisions it’s just not looking too well right now. Need some help whether it’s a trade or waiver suggestions my roster starting at QB Drew Brees, and Joe burrow. Running backs Jerick McKinnon, Miles Sanders, Kenyan Drake, Mark Ingram, and Antonio Gibson. Wide receivers Hollywood Brown, DJ moore, Chris Godwin who’s hurt and I know he’s gonna be great for me later on once he gets healthy and Hayden hurst At Tight End. Any help would on my next move would be tight

Yikes! Well, McKinnon seems like he’s most likely to net you something right now, or Gibson, coming off a big week. I think I would try to target a good wide receiver first. As a T. Lockett owner coming off an atrocious week, I can tell you I’m open to the right kind of trade…so I’d look for WRs in your league that are good but just had a bad week.

Then of course check the waiver wire, it’s getting to the point in the season where the wire doesn’t have a ton to offer, but the rescheduled games may have resulted in some unexpected drops.

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I was just checking McKinnon out…I think I’d hold onto him, see if you can get something for Sanders or Gibson.

What do you think about McKinnon for Justin Jefferson?

McKinnon looks to be your most reliable RB right now, so I’d be reluctant to let him go.

I just worry he’ll go back to average if Mostert comes back this week

I hear ya, those unpredictable backfields are the worst. It depends somewhat on how your league is scored, but he had good fantasy scores in week 1 and 2 with Mostert there.

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True I got a offer for cee dee lamb for Gibson idk I really think Gibson is primed to take off but I really need a receiver.

Yeah, that one’s a roll of the dice for sure. Lamb is on the better offense, but still no telling who’s going to be reliable each week outside of Amari Cooper. Gibson does seem like he’ll take off, but I personally find it easier to trust in that once they’ve done it at least two weeks in a row. Not entirely sure what I would do there.

Keep McKinnon. Try to dish Sanders or Drake for more value… or both.

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I can get cooper Kupp for miles Sanders right now. The guy I’m playing next is offering it