Crying intensified! Drake owners!

What do we do going forward? Do we bench him in week 5? Do we offload in a package that potentially gives up too much?? Do we wait and cry more? Do we start him and then cry with joy? Who else is crying with me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I think you have 2 options.

  1. Wait and cry more
  2. Start and Cry with Joy

I’m trying to package Drake for James Robinson which doesn’t sound right at all!

I am crying with you, especially since I have been high on him and he has blown up in my face.

He has had 2 great defense match ups that on paper that he should have feasted on. However, I can’t place all the blame on Drake. ARI has looked bad against DET and CAR with Murray struggling at the start. Drake has been basically scripted out of those games but he won’t be higher than a mid RB2 RoS. In addition, ARI O line has been really suspect run blocking, there is no way Drake should have put up those numbers against CAR defense (allowed 565 rush yds, 7 rush TDs to RBs before yesterday).

Overall, though unless you have another option at RB/flex, you will unfortunately have Drake in your line up.

I would say just ride out the storm, the good matchups he’s had Arizona goes down by 14+ points quick and the game script changes. I still think he’ll have a least a few good games. You could always dump him then, but his value is getting lower and lower. I’m also in the same boat, just traded carson for drake.