Cuffing Season?

Is it the time to start hand cuffing your star players? I just picked up Spencer Ware after i saw the Todd Gurley owner pick up his handcuff. What do you think foot clan, is it time to start stashing your hand cuffs or not?

after week 10 is when i plan to start

I’m a Gurley owner, and yeah…thinking REAL HARD about just going ahead and snatching up John Kelly NOW. While he’s still available. Only prob is…not sure who to drop for him. Would have to be between Smallwood, Christian Kirk, Ito Smith or Snead. And TBH…kinda worried about dropping any of them. Prob be leaning more between Smallwood or Snead.

Malcolm Brown has been the handcuff. I would get Briwn and Ware now if I have bench space.

Yeah, but…been a lot of speculation here by several other posters that Kelly would be the one to get more targets than Brown if Gurley went down. AND…was a whole lot of talk about John Kelly this summer and during pre-season. So, that’s why I made mention of him over Brown. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know. He’s been a healthy scratch every week though and Brown has played well.

@frymire73. Oh I agree completely. Just saying that IF Gurley goes down (GOD FORBID), that Brown will undoubtedly be the automatic fill-in. But he won’t be able to handle it all by himself most likely and that’s when Kelly will get the chance to show his worth.

The general consensus of the speculation I was referring to feels that once that happens Kelly is gonna have his chance to bust out and shine. AND “SHINE” HE WILL.

I fully agree that Brown is the obvious choice at the moment. Please don’t think I was disputing you @frymire73. :smiley:

Sorry not at all. John Kelly was great in preseason and I thought he would be the handcuff early on. Youre right who knows if Gurley goes down but i would hokd Brown or Spencer Ware if was throwing a handcuff on my bench.

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@frymire73. Yep…it’s all, as they say…a “crap-shoot”. Hard to say what will eventually happen, IF it happens. AND…you know what…I think I’m just gonna let this one ride and quit talking about it. LOL…I’m getting nervous with all this talk (this post and others) about if Gurley goes down.

As I mentioned, I have Gurley. And if I even make it to the P/O’s it will be because of him. Soooo…I think I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut at this point and hope like hell I haven’t “jinxed” him!!! :persevere:

In addition, Brown hasn’t fumbled this season. If Gurley goes down, there’s so many weapons on that team, they don’t need to rely on their RB to win postseason games. They just need their RB to not lose them games.

I would drop Snead and keep Smallwood. Small wood and clement kinda off set each other every other week

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Yeah… @Fobbyp…the whole hype about Smallwood and Clement is not rocking my boat right now. BUT…I’m thinking it’s gonna come to fruition before too long!!! Sooooo….have to agree that between the two (Clement and Smallwood)…would have to think Smallwood. Sooooo….now between Snead and Smallwood…tho I’m really torn here…almost have to agree.

Dammit…LOL…why am I suddenly nervous about this??? For some reason really thinking Snead is gonna pull this off???


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Tea leaves are saying Gurley owners are going to hurt without the handcuff. No way they are starting him with HF locked up early. And the odds of him getting hurt are going up. They finally cut him some slack last week but they won’t be able to keep doing it. GB, NO, KC approaching. And what defender does not want to stick him. He is a trophy hit from here on out.

But who do I pick up as gurley’s handcuff? its so split…

Main handcuff I am looking at getting soon is Dallas for Ertz. Ertz always seems to miss a game or two down the stretch and I have only been carrying one TE since I have him.

Also looking at defenses for down the stretch.