Cupp and Freeman for Julio Jones?

1/2 point ppr dynasty

Is this a fair trade

I’d take the Julio side 100 out of 100 times

It’s alright, but it wouldn’t want to be on either side really. Julio Jones is a proven wr1 who’s had a few rough games. Whereas Kupp is having a great start to the season which may or may not last and may be overshadowed by Woods or Cooks. Freeman is forever unreliable as long as Lindsey is around. I don’t want to be on either side because 1.) I don’t want to be the guy who trades Julio Jones away and then he comes through as the wr1 he is , and 2.) I dont want to trade Kupp away and then actually finishes in the top and continues as a wr1.

Thanks I appreciate both you responding

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