Cupp replacement

I have AB, MVS, and tyrell williams at WR.

Edelman owner wants Aaron Jones.

I already have saquan, michel, chubb, and breida at RB.

Should i accept??

You can get more for Aaron Jones

I’ve tried Diggs, Juju, and Woods but all rejected

I would try to keep looking for other better trades, Aaron Jones could get you a decent WR1 if you work it right. Edelman is good but like Spaghetti said, you can do better

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Yes, try to get more. I happened to land Edelman for marlon mack & Demaryius… I may have given up too much in my deal. but I think jones is far better talent wise then both of those guys for settling for Edelman

I’d rather move Sony or Breida for Edelman. You can get a higher quality WR for Jones with how he’s playing