Curious is anyone would make this trade - 0.5 PPR 12 team

I’m considering offering my Keenan Allen, Jordan Howard, and Aaron Jones for his Mark Ingram and Kenny Golladay.

I currently have Zeke, Jordan Howard, Sony Michel, Aaron Jones, and Kerryon Johnson, along with Keenan Allen, Doug Baldwin, and Jermaine Gresham.

The goal here is to have my 2 RBs and flex locked in, with Ingram and Kerryon already off bye. Golladay has already had his bye as well.

I’m 3-3 and the other team is 2-4, and they lost Devonta Freeman… They have absolutely no RB depth and a lot of WR depth. Is giving away Keenan Allen a bad idea? Will Jordan Howard bounce back…?

Id do it. Kenny G is sooooo smooth. No BYE!


Love Allen, but moving Howard and Jones for Ingram is NICE. So, if I had to give up Allen and got Kenny G in return I could live with it.

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