Current Cheapest RB with the highest Return Value?

Who do you guys think is currently the cheapest RB with the highest potential return?

Names that popped into my head: Aaron Jones, Sony (Rising) , James White (Rising), Mixon, Dalvin Ect.

Would Like to hear your thoughts. Seems like most high end RBS are Virtually Untouchable trade wise

Dalvin Cook. No one would trade AJ or SM as they are only benefiting now from them and I don’t want JW. Some may say Drake or Shady but only if you really need help. David Johnson may be available cheaper than he should be. I got DJ and Landry for Tyreek and Kerrion Johnson.

Agree with those you wrote already for sure.

Feels like T Coleman’s value may have dropped further than what the return of D Freeman should really warrant. Have been seeing a lot of him being mentioned as an afterthought. They both are fully capable of RB1/RB2 seasons even splitting the work very evenly (ie last season). And they rarely have had games where one or the other sees totally lopsided majority of the work - maybe no games like that in fact.

Jordan Howard is another. Everyone lost faith in him instantaneously, when really his performance last week was due to the game plan changing radically due to it becoming a blowout early in Q2…

Henry (this weekend will finally help determine his prospects ROS. hey may well have the highest ratio of upside:results of anybody else, although that’s weighted toward results more than from a sky high upside or anything like that. Still, he had a very respectable 2017).

I agree about Jones and Sony for sure. I really like Dalvin as well, but truthfully am a bit scared of the injury still.

Throw D’onta Foreman on you IR

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Yeah man 100%, I am itching to get him… just havent found who to drop yet

Dirt cheap Chubb. I think he gets bumped to a few more carries this week. All he needs is to hit one of those 6-10 carries with his signature sidestep right /up paydirt moves which he did last week. I’m not even sure why they are not using him on GL runs. Think he gets some of those as well.

Oddly enough I have Coleman & Howard on my team. Is your outlook on Coleman still good? I only worry about him because it seems that Sark doesnt use him near as much in the passing game. I dont know the stats, but at least it seems that way.

I hope howard turns it around bc he is my RB1 i am definitely nervous though

My outlook on Coleman is honestly higher with Freeman returning. And I think Coleman will get more involved in the passing game with his return. They have needed Freeman out there to help keep the opponent’s defensive play calling honest. I think it’s going to give Coleman more room to operate in the open field, which is where he thrives as he is more of a finesse type of back where as Freeman is much more of an explosive power game. I like Coleman’s prospects ROS, but I think his ceiling is that of a solid RB2 or a very strong Flex as long as Freeman is around.

Really glad to see this pop up, because I’ve got Coleman too and not sure what to do about him. My RB arena is in bad shape right now. Gurley, Coleman, Lamar and Dion. Pulling my hair out trying to decide what to do. Seriously considering dropping Doyle after Ebron’s break-out and trying to grab Foreman.

who else do you have at TE? that could def be worth a stash now that we know Foreman is returning so soon. i like his prospects a lot even if miller starts playing better. they need a power running game to complement Miller badly. it will help improve Miller’s value, too, imo. i’d make that happen.

Got Jared Cook, which I’m feeling pretty good about. LOL…at least for now. So yeah…thinking seriously about Foreman for Doyle!!!