Current quarterback decision

I have been playing Jameis Winston for the last few weeks, but it looks like he won’t be starting anymore. I also have Philip Rivers, who I like but it was nice to have Winston to play the matchups. Rivers gets the Seahawks who are literally the toughest quarterback matchup this week. He also has a tough playoff schedule including week 16 against Baltimore. Is it worth dropping Winston and picking up Fitzpatrick, or would you rather pick up Dak Prescott who has a beautiful schedule and has been putting up rushing points. Or would you just ride with Rivers and pick up depth like Eli McGuire or Courtland Sutton? I normally don’t advocate rostering two quarterbacks but I’m not sure I would ever use that depth. Thanks.

Qb: Rivers and Winston
Rb: Mixon, Howard, D. Cook, Mccoy, C. Thompson, J. Richard
Wr: A. Brown, Hilton, J. Brown, C. Davis
Te: Njoku

I have Rivers as well and unless i can trade for someone like Cam I’m sticking with Rivers ROS. Seattle has faced bottom barrell QBs which is why their rating is so high right now. Their secondary is leaky AF and I fully expect Rivers to bring their defense back to reality.

As far as the ROS schedule, the only game I’m sort of worried about is BAL in week 16, but Cam just put up 30+pts on them(I know Rivers is no Cam). Otherwise, Rivers schedule is awesome.

Weeks 13-15 are massive shootout potentials if you progress that far.

Sounds good, thanks. So if I don’t pick up Fitzmagic, how would you rank, Coutee, DJ Moore, Sutton, Elijah Mcguire given my team needs as far as waiver pickups?

Coutee and Sutton perhaps but definitely Coutee…I don’t think you need Moore or McGuire

Yeah…I agree those are my top two, but I think Moore could be breakign out as well. Would you take Moore or Mcguire over fitzpatrick?