Currently 3rd most Points

How do you recover and move on from always being 2nd to 4th most points every week but having a record of 3 & 7 going to be 8?
This season is over and we are in a redraft but I am seriously considering dropping fanasty football.
My morale is in the toliet

Tough times. The bad luck is unlikely to continue. I’ve been on this kind of infuriating situation and you re-run waivers etc that you prioritised wrong all the way to lineup decisions and late draft picks.

All I can suggest is remember your past schedule assisted wins where you won weeks without being amongst higher scorers in the league. (I personally have a keeper league this season where teams struggle to break 100 in ppr in opposition but in last two years before I was the most and second most points against)

Over a big enough sample you’ll experience the joys of those wins and heartbreak of high scoring losses.

Fantasy football requires skill and being in top 3-4 of your league shows you’ve got skills. Your luck will turn eventually. We hate this game so much because we love it so much.

Sorry to hear! You can focus on attempting to beat down you opponents for upcoming matches!

Personally, in a H2H league it’s wins that matter. Sucks to lose but playing out the season is your only way to improve for next year. I don’t really concern myself with overall points for.

If you prefer, you could plan to join (or start) a points for league next year.