Currently on the clock... Needing YOUR help

I’m currently otc. I play in a 12 team/0.5 PPR/6 passing touchdown league.
The league also has keepers with no penalty. I kept Bell and drafted Keenan Allen and Gronk.
I’m currently stuck between Baldwin or Rodgers. The UDK says Baldwin and so does FantasyPros, however, I’m scared of that knee. I do realize if he’s fine he will be a target monster for Wilson. However, I feel like Rodgers in the back end of the fourth is tremendous. Am I crazy for even considering it? Who would you take and add to a team with Bell, Keenan, and Gronk,

What are the other WR options besides Baldwin? What about RB options? But I hear you on the rodgers temption. Having Top RB, Top TE and Top QB has its appeal. At least on paper.

those cannot be your only options. you can throw rodgers out. its not worth it to take gronk and rodgers. you will lose all your depth at RB and WR, and your first injury will tank your team. baldwin is concerning, but only for a short while. maybe a game or 2. there has to be other options for you to choose from though.

Agree there is no way these are your only options. Rodgers back of the 4th is great value sure but you already sacrificed on Gronk early. If this were an 8 man or 10 man league, i’d be fine with you taking rodgers but given its a 12 man, if you take rodgers, you’re going to be incredibly weak and shallow at skilled positions.

Would imagine that someone like Thielen, Diggs, DT, Fitz, cooper or Juju may still be available at the WR position. For RBs, you probably have guys like Henry/Ajayi available as well for the choosing.

Probably lean towards those guys ahead of Baldwin. I’m off him in redrafts. Whenever doctors say “Hopeful he’ll return in X weeks”. Chances are he won’t be back for X+Y weeks. I don’t want that kind of risk in the first 4 rounds.