Currently own the 6th overall. Owner sent me a trade asking me to move back to the 1.12 in exchange for a free 7th round pick

The trade looks like this.
I get the 12th overall, 82nd overall (7th round pick) and the 159th overall (14th round pick)
For my 6th overall pick…

I’m split between Gordon and Kamara with the 1.06… do I take this and lose out on the stud player for someone like Fournette/ Cook/McKinnon/Julio/ Michael Thomas? In addition to the free 7th rounder?..


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i think i would need a sweeter deal than a seventh to lose out on a stud.

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Aka Kamara/ Gordon instead of Julio/Cook?

Maybe a 3rd or 4th round instead of a seventh is what i was saying.

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I agree. I’d love to get that in return but I don’t think he’ll even come close. He wouldn’t give that kinda capital up just to move up 4 spots

If you’re at the 1.06, you taking Kamara or Melvin? All others excluded

What is the league format?

I woudnt do it. I dont like trading much in the early rounds. rds 1-4 I like to stay put unless it really benefits me. And chances are if someone came to me with an offer it probably benefits them more. Not always, but mostly.

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