Curtis Samuel droppable?

I have Samuel as my wr 4-5 (Adams, Ridley, J Jones, J Meyers) 1/2 ppr - 12 team

Looks like he tweaked his already injured groin in practice ( I need to make space on my roster to hold Ty’Son Williams (dropped my D). Should I drop Curtis Samuel? I was hoping he might explode but I really don’t need his depth and seems like he is still battling injury…

Why would you be trying to hold a backup JAG if you’d have to drop a viable player to do so?

you don’t think Ty’Son Williams should be rostered? I missed Gus because he went 2 rounds too early but I wouldn’t mind a piece of the Bal backfield. With Adams and Ridley as my picks 1-2 (Josh Allen 3) I am weakest at RB and heading into the season looking for the unknown guys that are going to break out and have value.

I don’t see the point of dropping a player just to drop them. If you see a better option, sure go for it. However, I think you really have to ask yourself if the swap is beneficial
for your team.

Not if you have a normal complement of fantasy-relevant RBs already. I’d much rather roster a team’s starting RB, like Mark Ingram II, than a team’s #3 guy.

?? I have to drop one player from my roster in order to make room for a Def this week. My choices to drop are: Samuel, J Meyers, M Gesicki

Assuming Gesicki is your 2nd TE, he’s the most culpable–but who’s your other TE if you have a second top 10 TE on your bench?

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I think it’s too early to drop Samuel remember Fitzpatrick could easily be looking for a veteran WR once he becomes available again I like him in air if spots especially ppr.

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My RBs are:
D Singletary
N Hines
Ty’Son Williams

Tonyan, which I don’t love. Especially since I have Adams in wr

I’m honestly not sure if you are trolling me with the Mark Ingram, lol.

Houston has Lindsay, Ingram II, D Johnson, and Rex Burkhead who are all going to get work. I don’t see Ingram as the lead of that committee and don’t want to get involved in that Houstons mess of a year.

Currently, Ty’Son is the direct back-up to Gus Edwards and should see 8-12 weekly touches.

i agree with you on the Tyson take vs Ingram. Idk how productive that offense is in Houston. that being said, do you have 2 Qbs?

Out of the 3 options provided to cut, I would go in this order Gesicki, Samuel, Meyers. but each has a case that you can lay out. Meyers may not have a big pie with agohlor in there (is he the wr2 in NE or 1? we don’t know yet). s\Samuel is dinged up but could be a smash, and Gesicki could be a serviceable te1 but how many targets do you think he will get? (I do not value TE as much as a do WR). It honestly depends on your preference though.

On a side note, Do you think you could combo some of those guys for a potential trade?

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#2 guy. Lev is washed, practice quad and a year further removed from Coach Reid valuing Darrell Williams more than him. Williams had already overtaken Hill on the depth chart based on performance. If he couldn’t do it in that offense then he’s not doing it here. I agree if you have better options don’t do it but with them playing Monday night Ty’son isn’t a bad candidate to stash and see because if he does well he will be the guy fresh on the minds of those that run to the wire. Might as well work a week ahead and already have him on your roster if you like him.

I’d drop Samuel if you need to. The first ability you need to succeed in fantasy is availability. I don’t care how good a player you are if you aren’t on the field you are ZERO in fantasy and clogging a roster spot. 9/10 times a healthy player in a similar situation is more valuable than that so unless it’s a Michael Thomas or something and that was your strategy when you drafted to hold that guy then I think you can let go if you need to.

1 practice in four months and re-injuring yourself days before the start of the season is not a good sign for his prospects moving forward. Look for the a rookie that’s practiced and had a good camp to slot in place of him and have a chance to do something.

Video of the route he tweaked it on was on twitter and he was barely doing anything. If 4 months rest didn’t fix this then probably only surgery will. If that happens then I’d say that’s his season. The first week of the season is valuable. There are players that could potentially pop that you would want to roster.

I thought maybe you had overlooked that, so I took this opportunity to enlighten you.

But I’d probly keep Gesicki if Tonyan is your only other option (since he’ll probly be the one that scores more fantasy points), but you could clearly drop the Ravens’ #3 RB and not suffer any permanent damage.

Who is this magical RB you have ahead of Williams in that you keep calling him the #3?

How soon they forget.

The Ravens had another RB named J.K. Dobbins, who was expected to be their #1 RB before he tore his ACL in preseason. Gus Edwards, their #2 RB, has had to take over the lead duties now, and their #3 RB, Ty’Son Williams (a JAG with pedestrian stats and abilities) is being sought after like he was Mike Davis when McCaffrey went down.

And then of course, even the #1 RB for the Ravens is functionally the #2 RB, since Lamar Jackson is functionally their #1 RB. So while he’s the #3 RB on the depth chart, Williams is functionally the Ravens’ #4 RB, and their third active option.

Dobbins isn’t there. Hill isn’t there. Even with not as much talent there is OPPORTUNITY created. He’s #2 RIGHT NOW. There’s only two active backs as far as I know this week. Hill was likely getting cut if JK hadn’t got hurt.

Lamar being there helps make whatever running back is on the field with him better. That’s been proven. I’d also argue that the talent level between Gus and Williams isn’t that much. They are both undrafted running backs. Last year behind Lamar Dobbins had 805 yards rushing and Gus 723. I see passes (the few there are) going Williams way and Gus probably takes the goal line but Williams has the type build to be a success there as well.

"He’s going to get more of a workload now, not to say that it won’t still be a committee.”
-Greg Roman on Gus Edwards 9/7/21

The above quote reads like they are sticking the game plan and not putting everything on just one guy.

Even if you don’t count the injured Dobbins, he’s functionally the third RB behind Jackson and Edwards.

Of course it’s a committee; that’s how the Ravens do business. It’s a three-headed committee headed by the QB.

But Williams was barely even a JAG in college. Look up his stats. He’ll be a distant third in rushing yardage.

In his BEST season (2017), Williams rushed 95 times for 471 yards, caught 12 passes for 32 yards, and scored 2 total TDs.

His other three years weren’t as gaudy.

He’s looked good enough to me in pre-season and has opportunity.

His college profile doesn’t look too different from Edwards, UDFA, Multiple schools, 3 of 4 seasons under 350 yards rushing. It sounds like they are the SAME guy with Williams being slotted into the same slot where Edwards was a success rushing for 700 yards a season three straight years.

Yeah, that’s kind of the difference–Edwards has had sustained success in the NFL already, which puts his college jagginess in the rear view mirror. For Williams, his college jagginess is still his full resume–and apparently he didn’t show the coaches anything in the preseason that would suggest he was as good or better than Edwards or Dobbins.