Curtis Samuel droppable?

I don’t think that was ever a realistic expectation though - to show in pre season that he can match or outproduce a second round pick and a guy with 3 year averages of over 5 yards per carry EDIT that they had given a big pay bump to already

What he has shown though might be that without one of them they are prepared to give him a shot. How much of a shot he gets is questionable and it will be down to how he does in NFL but he will get an opportunity to make them not care at all about his college production or lack of.

I feel that your expectations of an undrafted kid winning a job outright without something out of his control happening ahead of him was just massively unrealistic.

He could be a JAG and in all likelihood he is. But he’s a JAG with a role for the time being.

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It’s almost as if you think that makes it impossible for others to succeed in the exact same situation. If an average talent like Gus could do it then I see no reason why an average talent like Williams couldn’t. That’s the point. The opportunity is right there. He either will or won’t do it but it’s right there. He apparently showed enough to move from the practice squad to earning a roster spot before Dobbins and Hill were hurt.

You don’t 'get the “jagginess” off your career without the opportunity.

Are you telling me that he’s not in a great position to be successful with Jackson at QB? I don’t think Edwards has the YPC numbers he’s had if there’s an average drop back qb under center. Even going back to RGIII’s rookie season which is a similar comp. Look what an average NFL talent in Alf Morris did as an undrafted free agent that year. Williams has an opportunity at a volume load similar to Gus the past few years in a situation where he will be able to amass optimal yards per carry.

What’s not to like about that situation?

Well, that’s kind of relevant when one is comparing Edwards’ college jagginess to Williams’ college jagginess and implying that because Edwards was a college JAG as well means that Williams can be just as good as Edwards as a pro.

And then he does more than imply it here:

Well… not so far.

Being the #3 option in the backfield.

But the number 3 option has averaged 700 yards a year the past 3 years and you called that Gus ‘proving himself’ .

You can’t have it both ways.

Let’s say Lamar throws or runs on 50% of all snaps. Based on the last three year splits that’s still leaving the #3 guy around a 20 % share on an offense that rushed for over 3000 yards last year and nearly 3300 the year before. That and the other above things I listed above and the extra game should pretty much put Williams in the same neighborhood as Gus has been the past three years if he has no other competition.

If somehow Bell moved to main roster and eats into that then you move on but we aren’t close to that happening right now.

I’m not saying he can but I’m saying he has the opportunity to prove it and in fantasy football the goal is to get the guy BEFORE he proves it so you get him at a value. That is why everyone is rushing out to get this guy. He has massive opportunity.

My argument is 100% that just about any running back would average 5 yards a carry when in the same backfield as someone like Jackson. The stats bare it out year after year. Being in the same backfield with Jackson will be just as good for Williams as it will be/was for Edwards as it would for any other guy off the street. The stats bare it out every time there is a running quarterback in a similar system.

I never said he would overtake Edwards. I never even said he was better than Edwards. I said the comps of Edwards coming into the league are very similar to the comps Williams had coming into the league.

What I am stating is pump the brakes on Edwards as a bell cow. He’s not going for 1400 yards. His own OC has said it’s going to be a time share. He’s likely not going to get the passing down work for what little value that has in the Ravens offense. He could pop double digit touchdowns possibly. That wouldn’t surprised me.

In light of that info, if I can pick a guy up for free basically that has a shot at maybe being a fill in flex for me a few weeks based on what Edwards has done in the same role then hell yeah I’d love to add that, especially if I’m shallow at running back. I’m grabbing him, seeing the splits on snaps and situations they use him and seeing how he looks in live games and acting accordingly. If he don’t cut it I’m not out that much. This is one of these deals where the position on the team is actually more valuable than who is in the spot.

Anyone in that spot has a better than average chance of producing even if they aren’t anything more than an average player. I’d say the same thing about Tony Jones in New Orleans.

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Oh of course you didn’t read. You’ve already made your mind up that you are never wrong about anything and you make sure of it by yelling the loudest or pushing the hardest. You are disrespectful to others on top of that.

If you are so good at this then why don’t you have your own website, podcast, etc. instead of hanging out on the free portion of the footballer’s site year after year.

Why aren’t you making money off of this?

You aren’t for a reason. That reason is pretty clear. You are arrogant, treat people poorly and don’t consider any point of view that contradicts yours. Those traits don’t make you likable so no matter how rock solid you are on your takes it won’t matter because it’s simply not marketable. People get sick of you and fast.

Hope that wasn’t ‘too long for you to read’.

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Which was the point I was making in the first place. Not to overtake anyone. I wasn’t saying he was going for a 1000 yards or anything. I was saying he’s slotting into a role that is very desirable from a fantasy standpoint, the #2 rb on a team that rushes for more yards than most any other team in the league and the proof is the guy in that spot before him is basically of similar pedigree as he is and excelled in the same system.

Gus averaging 5 yards per carry in this system as a RB#2 isnt close to being the same as Henry averaging over 5 a carry getting 300 touches a season. He’s nowhere near close to that talent level. He’s a great team player and I’m glad he got paid but he’s a lot closer to Williams talent level than he is to being a top flight bell cow back.

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Joined Aug 19 is what it says on your profile. Nice try :slight_smile:

Is that not a few weeks ago?

Not sure what you’re trying to say/prove here.

exactly. Samuel may still have a good season but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to start for several weeks. Rivera specifically said they won’t play him until he’s healthy. If he’s out this week then he’s an easy drop.

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I thought 2019 my bad on that. Will gladly admit when I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Sure hope you have some Ty’son Williams stock. :slight_smile:


Can we re-ask this question after the Gus ACL news?


I’d drop Samuel for sure if it isn’t already to late. I dropped Curtis Samuel yesterday for Tyson.

Yeah, I already had Ty’Son and ended up dropping Samuel prior to his IR status. I may pick him up for one of my IR spots now but I don’t think there will be a waiver fight for him so I’ll wait until mid-week.

Love how some of these takes aged. Nice to be ahead of the curve, but don’t expect him to look like he has this much juice every week. Raiders Run D is weak. I did toss Williams in a few leagues because he was going to have more volume and I was already a good bit because of starting Rodgers in one and going against Amari in the other.