Curtis Samuel -Stash or Drop?

Anyone starting to get a little worried about Curtis Samuel’s return? I know he will know the system based on who is running things but he didn’t make the final pre-season game as Coach said he had ‘hoped’ he would when he said over a month ago there was no time table for return and he’s only been working on the sidelines and not really doing much so it seems like a pretty bad groin injury to have lingered on this long.

Do you keep him if you have WR depth or do you start looking at guys like Cole Beasley, Sterling Shepard?

assuming hes your wr 4 or 5 like he should be, keep him.

we still have like 10 days till game day anyway. he still has time.

Stash! He’s got way more upside than Beasley and Shepard.

Gee, I dunno. I don’t play in any 20 team leagues, so I never had occasion to draft him in the first place.

Yeah him and Jakobi are my worst WRs and I’m pretty deep there.

12 team PPR. I think I got him in 12th.

im sure you know this and you get off on it, but youre a huge douchebag. every post you make you come across as a brash know it all. and your takes are usually hot garbage which makes it even better lol.

Samuel is a player who is drafted in the majority of 12 team leagues. so your assertion that this is a 20 team league because he drafted Samuel is truly funny.

you must have a miserable life.