Curtis Samuel?

This is the most confusing dynasty player. should i trade for slayton?

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hard to say. i like them both. i am actively trying to land both players. i feel like I would rather have slayton in this situation. i love the youth / experience / talent of samuel, but i am suspecting slayton to have a bigger role moving forward. he has the makings of the wr1 for the nyg. samuel will be behind cmc and likely moore.

none of this is a slam dunk, but in a vacuum i’d roll slayton.

I wouldn’t give up Samuel for Slayton, and for me it’s not really close. He put up pretty solid #'s despite having literal human garbage at the QB position all season long. Give him a season with Cam to fully evaluate. There’s a reason he was projected to break out this season & his ceiling is much higher than Slayton’s.

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None of this is to take away from Samuel, as i said i am trying to get them both. Without knowing team make up, it is hard to say for me. All things equal my leaning is Slayton and my rationale is below. Do not take this as an argument. I am just laying down my thoughts and I would be interested why you think it is not really close.

They profile similar with Slayton slightly edging him out in measurables / combine. fwiw samuel has already had two years with Cam so we do have exposure to what they could do. Both had inexperienced QB play, though admittedly Danny is probably better. Slayton put up similar PPR points in fewer weeks as he did not really play high snap % until week 5/6, but they finished right next to each other in PPR. Samuel has a higher floor, but Slayton has the higher ceiling. I think that Slayton is the WR1 over Shepard, who really plays a stronger WR2 role. Samuel is more gadget based so they can get him in to unusual plays which is an advantage, but I see him behind CMC / Moore in the receiving order.

Those are the main reasons I put Slayton just over Samuel, but as I said it is not a slam dunk.

Again, more looking for your perspective as I am trying to get them both. I like hearing other opinions so I can possibly look at things I was not considering. It all helps with building better draft intel :slight_smile:

I take it back about it not being close. It is close. I don’t hate Slayton, I guess I’m just a Samuel truther. I loved his potential coming in to last season and I think it’s all still there for this upcoming season assuming Cam comes back 100%. I think by the time the season rolls around his foot should be good to go and their offensive weapons will be back to full strength.

Samuels’ 40 time is faster but Slayton is more agile and has a bigger catch radius. Samuels is going into his 3rd year, Slayton his 2nd.

Compare their offensive weapons

Offensive Line- probably pretty equal at this point. Maybe slight edge to Carolina? I expect both teams to fortify the O Line in the offseason via FA and or draft.
QB - Cam>Daniel Jones - comes down to what you believe really, I believe that Cam can come back next year and have an MVP caliber season.
RB1 - CMC/Barkley - wash
WR1 - DJ Moore vs Shepard/Slayton - big edge to Moore
WR2 - Samuel vs Shepard/Slayton - ?
WR3 - Jarius Wright vs Golden Tate - big edge to Tate
TE1 - Ian Thomas vs Evan Engram - big edge to Engram

Really I’m just talking myself into liking Slayton’s situation I think… lol. Both have great opportunity and could be fantastic pieces for the future.

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thank you for the time to explain your stance. it definitely helps me. and to be clear, again, i really like them both and would be thrilled having either. i was not trying to sway you off of Samuel as i do think it is very close.

for me, i am not sure Cam returns and if he does, i am not sure he is what he was which will make it harder. then they move to the same QB we saw (or a drafted rookie if they go that route) and it is another washed year for the whole of CAR. but even if he does i see him trying to hold the line while i see Danny moving upwards. Might just be a slight difference, but that helps out IMHO.

I think they are very close. ultimately, for me, if i need the floor i go Samuel. if i need a ceiling i go Slayton. in a vacuum i am going Slayton just so slightly.

again, i appreciate your thought process. it definitely helps me out and hopefully @avoogel as well :slight_smile: